The Return Experts Group (REG) of the EMN collects actual information on best practices on voluntary and forced return with the objective to improve the operational cooperation between Member States regarding return issues.

Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluation of AVR(R) Programmes

The overall aim of these guidelines is to improve the evidence-base to inform the policy date on return by identifying a common methodology for monitoring and evaluation that Member States can apply on a voluntary basis. Through such monitoring, Member States will be able to design more effective and efficient AVR(R) programmes. Specifically, the guidelines […]

EMN Inform – Practical Approaches and Good Practices in Return and Reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan

This EMN Inform provides information concerning Member States’ practices on return and reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Afghanistan and Pakistan are amongst the top 5 countries of origin of third-country nationals (TCNs) subject to a return decision2. In 2013, around 14,700 Afghans and 26,000 Pakistan nationals were issued with a return decision, representing respectively 3.7% […]