Synthesis Report: Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2020

The European Migration Network (EMN) Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2020 is now public! Based on the contributions of the EMN National Contact Points, the report provides a comprehensive overview of national developments in the area of migration and asylum during 2020 in the EU Member States and Norway.

Besides COVID-19 related impacts, such as a decreasing number of legal migrants and asylum applicants arriving in the EU in 2020, increasing efficiency and effectiveness for better migration management was a common theme of development at EU and national level. Member States adopted new strategic directions, commonly focusing on the attraction of new talent, labour market integration, cooperation with third countries, and protection of particularly vulnerable migrant groups. The UK’s official departure from the EU also led to measures regulating the legal status of UK nationals and their family members in the EU Member States.


You can find more detailed information on the country-specific developments in the EMN 2020 National Policy Reports.

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