Synthesis Report: Illegal employment of third-country nationals in the European Union

Illegal employment of third-country nationals (TCNs) – defined as employment contravening migration and/or labour law – is a source of concern in the EU for economic, migration-related and social and fundamental rights reasons. It is also linked to trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation. The following Synthesis Report presents a comparative overview of the […]

Synthesis Report – 2016 Annual Report on Migration and Asylum

This Synthesis Report was prepared on the basis of National Contributions from 24 EMN NCPs (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Norway) according to a Common Specifications Template developed by the EMN and followed […]

Synthesis Report: Family Reunification of Third-Country Nationals in the EU plus Norway

The following Synthesis Report presents a comparative overview of the main findings of the 2016 EMN Focussed Study on Family Reunification of Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) in the EU plus Norway: National Report. The Study aims to compare national policies and/ or practices on family reunification between the different EU Member States plus Norway, and to […]

Synthesis Report: the Return of Rejected Asylum Seekers – Challenges and Good Practices

Given the recent increase in asylum applications in the EU and considering the general gap between third-country nationals issued a return decision and those that have returned, the EMN conducted this study with the purpose of investigating the specific challenges of the return of rejected asylum seekers and Member State responses to these challenges.

Synthesis Report: Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission Programmes in Europe – what works?

This EMN study offers a comprehensive overview of policies and practices on the functioning of resettlement, humanitarian admission programmes and schemes, as well as private sponsorship programmes for refugees in the EU Member States and Norway. The study helps identify difficulties and success factors for resettlement and humanitarian admission programmes. It provides insights to assist […]

Synthesis Report: Integration of beneficiaries of international/humanitarian protection into the labour market: policies and good practices

The significant rise in asylum applications lodged in the EU in recent years has placed the integration of beneficiaries of international/humanitarian protection at the top of the political agenda. Labour market integration is of particular importance to beneficiaries, but also for Member States as they struggle to cope with ageing populations and labour market shortages, […]

EMN Policy Brief on Migrants’ Movements through the Mediterranean

This briefing summarises trends in asylum applications and movement of non-EU migrants across the EEA over recent years up to September 2015. It outlines the key routes that migrants use to travel to the EEA and the countries where some subsequently claim asylum, along with some of the outcomes of those claims. The briefing concentrates […]

A Study on Smuggling of Migrants

Optimity Advisors, supported by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the European Council of Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), was commissioned by the European Commission’s DG Migration and Home Affairs to undertake this study. It involved six months of desk research, interviews and data analysis across selected European Member States and third countries. […]

Determining labour shortages and the need for labour migration from third countries in the EU

Several important challenges affect Europe‘s future labour market, including an ageing society; rapid technological changes and development; increasing demand for certain categories of labour; and uncertainty about future growth in European economies in a number of sectors and occupations. Identifying and addressing labour market shortages is a key policy tool in overcoming the expected challenges. […]

Policies, Practices and Data on Unaccompanied Minors in the EU Member States and Norway

Introduction Motivations and circumstances of unaccompanied minors for entering the EU Entry and assessment procedures, including border controls for asylum-seeking and non -asylum seeking unaccompanied minors Reception arrangments, including integration measures for unaccompanied minors Unaccompanied minors who go missing or abscond from reception and care Arrangements in the (Member) States for unaccompanied minors turning 18 […]

Admitting Third-Country Nationals for Business Purposes

The aim of this EMN Study was to provide an analysis and further understanding of the policies and specific conditions in place in EU Member States that regulate the admission for business purposes of: –  Non-EU investors who are not yet present/resident in any Member State (admitted on a long-stay visa or residence permit for […]

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