Attracting and retaining foreign startup founders

European leaders at all levels are facing a number of labour market challenges, from ageing population, the sustainability of welfare and pension systems to companies’ growing struggles to find skilled workforce. Migration is increasingly viewed as a possible way to tackle these problems, especially the arrival of skilled persons from third countries. European Migration Network’s […]

Safe Countries of Origin

In the wake of the high influx of mainly Syrian asylum seekers in 2015, several (Member) States were confronted with a considerable number of asylum applications from persons coming from countries that have been designated by certain Member States as ‘safe countries of origin’ on the basis that they consider these countries as generally safe […]

Statelessness in the EU

The European Migration Network (EMN) was entrusted by JHA Council Conclusions of 3 and 4 December 2015 with the creation of a platform to exchange information and good practices in the field of statelessness. This EMN Inform is the synthesis of the answers provided by Member States and Norway to an ad-hoc query launched by […]

Inform on Migrants’ Movements through the Mediterranean

This EMN inform summarises tthe main findings of the EMN Policy Brief Study on Migrants’ Movements through the Mediterranean. This report has been compiled by the UK National Contact Point (NCP) of the European Migration Network (EMN) with the collaboration of the Italian, French, Netherlands and Swedish NCPs, the EMN Service Provider and input from […]

Executive Summary – A Study on Smuggling of Migrants

Optimity Advisors, supported by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) and the European Council of Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), was commissioned by the European Commission’s DG Migration and Home Affairs to undertake this study. It involved six months of desk research, interviews and data analysis across selected European Member States and third countries. […]

Policies, Practices and Data on Unaccompanied Minors in the EU Member States and Norway

This EMN Inform summarises the findings from the 2015 EMN Synthesis Report Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors. The Study aimed to update the findings of the 2008-2009 EMN Study Policies on reception, return and integration arrangements for, and numbers of, unaccompanied minors and to provide up-to-date information and comparable data on the numbers […]

Admitting Third Country Nationals for Business Purposes

This EMN Inform summarises the main findings of the EMN Study Admitting third-country nationals for business purposes, published in May 2015. The Study was based on contributions from EMN National Contact Points in 24 Member States, collected via common specifications to ensure comparability.

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