Policies, Practices and Data on Unaccompanied Minors in the EU Member States and Norway

  1. Introduction
  2. Motivations and circumstances of unaccompanied minors for entering the EU
  3. Entry and assessment procedures, including border controls for asylum-seeking and non -asylum seeking unaccompanied minors
  4. Reception arrangments, including integration measures for unaccompanied minors
  5. Unaccompanied minors who go missing or abscond from reception and care
  6. Arrangements in the (Member) States for unaccompanied minors turning 18 years of age
  7. Return practices of (Member) States, including reintegration of unaccompanied minors
  8. Overview of the international and EU legislative framework
  9. Conclusions
Author: EMN Year: 2014 Publishing date: 28/05/2015 language: EN categories: Synthesis Reports