Asylum and Migration Glossary 3.0 (2014)

The EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary 3.0 is an updated version of the EMN Glossary that was first published in January 2010 and later updated in January 2012. This third version contains almost 100 new entries and over 120 major amendments to existing ones to reflect new terminology and expressions, as well as evolutions in the usage of existing terms that have been introduced through the new legislation and policy on asylum and migration in the EU.

The purpose of the European Migration Network (EMN) Glossary of terms relating to Asylum and Migration is inter alia to improve comparability between EU Member States through the use and
common understanding of the terms and definitions contained herein. The Glossary is intended to serve as a useful European reference document for EMN National Contact Points (NCPs) and their national network members, policy-makers and other practitioners in the Member States, as well as EU institutions, in order to facilitate the exchange of information. It provides common terminology for the concepts included and thereby facilitates a precise discourse on asylum and migration matters, including in the media.


Author: EMN Year: 2014 Publishing date: 01/10/2014 language: EN categories: Glossary