Synthesis Report: Integration of beneficiaries of international/humanitarian protection into the labour market: policies and good practices

The significant rise in asylum applications lodged in the EU in recent years has placed the integration of beneficiaries of international/humanitarian protection at the top of the political agenda. Labour market integration is of particular importance to beneficiaries, but also for Member States as they struggle to cope with ageing populations and labour market shortages, and therefore for the achievement of a prosperous, cohesive and inclusive EU society.

This Study examined (i) labour market access rights for beneficiaries of international protection both in legislation and in practice, (ii) the availability of employment-related support measures for beneficiaries, (iii) good practices and obstacles in Member States’ policies related to beneficiaries’ labour market access and participation, as well as (iv) differences in the treatment of the different statuses (i.e. refugee status, subsidiary protection and humanitarian protection).