Dissemination of Information on Voluntary Return : How to Reach Irregular Migrants not in Contact with the Authorities

This EMN Inform summarises the main findings of the 2015 EMN Study on Dissemination of information on voluntary return which was based on contributions from EMN Contact Points from
24 (Member) States and Norway. For the credibility of the EU common migration and asylum policy, it is crucial that those who do not or who no longer fulfil the conditions for entry, stay or
residence in a Member State are effectively returned. The EU therefore aims to prevent and control irregular migration, whilst fully respecting fundamental rights and human dignity. EU return policymakes clear that voluntary return should be preferred over forced return and makes available support for voluntary return and reintegration programmes to support this. To facilitate the take-up of such programmes and of voluntary return more generally Member States must disseminate information on irregular migrants’ rights, responsibilities and options for return.
This Inform presents an analysis of (Member) State approaches (policies and practices) to the dissemination of information on voluntary return. It describes national campaigns and methods, and the effectiveness of these in reaching out to and informing third-country nationals not in contact with the authorities.
Author: EMN Year: 2015 Publishing date: 22/10/2015 language: EN categories: EMN Informs